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“Optimize Flowering Phase: Athena Blended Line Nutrients. Add 2-7 mL Athena Bloom A & B per gallon for rapid bud production, more sites, and top yields. Perfect for all growth methods. Order now!” 24-48H Delivery, In stock

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Unlock Growth Excellence with Athena – Blended Line Nutrients:

Achieve Balance. Optimize Cost. Drive Results.

Athena is your steadfast partner in cultivation, embracing growers of all scales. Rooted in the core belief of enhancing quality, trimming expenses, and establishing unwavering uniformity, Athena finds its origin within the vibrant grow rooms of Los Angeles, California. Here, the pursuit of perfection is woven into the very fabric of our journey.

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Science Behind Athena – Blended Line Nutrient:

Athena Bloom stands as a pure and uncomplicated 2-part formula, meticulously crafted for the flowering phase of fruit and flower-producing plants. Merging top-tier macronutrients and chelated micronutrients, Athena empowers heightened nutrient absorption across an extensive pH spectrum. This dynamic blend adapts seamlessly to various grow methods, water types, and media compositions. Free of sediment and compatible with dosing and irrigation systems, even fine dripper heads, Athena Nutrients ensure stability and optimal performance. While traces of micro-particles might appear under specific conditions, they pose no threat to mineral balance or system compatibility.

Nurture your plants through their critical flowering stage with Athena Nutrients – Blended Line – Bloom A&B, where exceptional bloom enhancement meets economic sensibility. This formula is priced affordably at £0.11 per liter, reflecting Athena’s dedication to providing quality nutrients at a cost-effective rate. Covering the entire flowering cycle, the total cost is thoughtfully set at approximately £1,082, a prudent investment for the extraordinary flowering and fruiting results it delivers. Athena Blended Line – Bloom A&B is specifically formulated to supply a perfect balance of nutrients that promote vigorous bloom production and optimize fruit quality. Choose Athena for a financially sensible solution to achieve vibrant and prolific blooms, ensuring your plants reach their full potential.

Reveal Athena’s innovation as you cultivate with precision, and witness your growth journey elevated to unprecedented heights.



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How to use

Mastering Athena – Blended Line Nutrients: Your Blueprint for Flourishing Growth

Step 1: Precise Measurement
During the pivotal flowering phase, infuse your cultivation regimen with Athena Bloom A & B. Carefully measure out the recommended quantity of 2-7 mL.

Step 2: Harmonious Blend
Combine equal parts of Athena Bloom A & B into each gallon of water you utilize. This balanced blending sets the stage for accelerated bud production, an increase in flowering sites, and the cultivation of premium yields.

Step 3: Ignite Bud Production
Harness the synergy of Athena’s blended formula. Equal amounts of Athena Bloom A & B work in harmony to propel your cultivation journey towards rapid bud onset and prolific flowering.

Step 4: Multiply Flowering Sites
Watch your plants flourish as the number of flowering sites multiplies. Athena’s meticulously balanced formula fosters an environment where the potential for abundant blossoms fully blossoms.

Step 5: Elevate Yield Quality
Experience the pinnacle of your harvest aspirations. Athena’s Blended Line Nutrients, Athena Bloom A & B, serve as the driving force behind crafting high-quality yields that leave a lasting impact.

Bonus Tip for Soil Application:
If you’re cultivating in soil, embrace a lighter feeding strategy to optimize Athena’s potential. This strategic approach ensures your plants thrive and excel.

Embark on your Athena journey, where each step solidifies your role as a cultivator of distinction.


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Athena Nutrients – Blended Line – Bloom A&B