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Introducing the Biobav Range: Plant Revitalizer and Soil Conditioner

Discover the Biobav Range’s Problem Solver, your ultimate solution for nurturing your plants and optimizing your soil. This exceptional product acts as both a superior plant upgrader and medium conditioner, breathing new life into your weak, yellowed plants and revitalizing your hardened soil. Let’s explore the magic within the bottle:

🌿 What’s Inside:

Problem Solver is a powerful blend of organic minerals, beneficial bacteria, and essential trace elements. This unique combination works in harmony to rejuvenate your plants and their environment.

🌱 Soil Transformation:

Beneficial bacteria promote robust root growth and strengthen the root system.
Enhanced water absorption capacity allows your soil to be more effectively utilized.
Organic minerals reorganize and upgrade the physical structure of the soil, leading to healthier plant development and increased yields.
Micro and macro elements in the soil and roots benefit from easily-absorbed enzymes.
Regulates pH levels and geothermic heat.

🌿 Plant Rejuvenation:

Organic macro and micro minerals provide a rich source of nutrients, revitalizing your plants.
Micro-organisms increase nutrient absorption and utilization by the plant.
Key ingredients transform into potassium salt, preparing the plant for vigorous growth.
Elevates the flavor and taste of your vegetables.
Extends the life of your plants while reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

🌱 Application Instructions:

To maintain a healthy plant, mix 2.5ml of Problem Solver per liter of water and feed once a week. For plants with flowers or fruits, use 5ml per week.

When your plants exhibit yellow leaves, stunted growth, signs of deficiencies, or aging soil, mix 5ml of Problem Solver per liter of water. Feed your plants once a week until they fully recover.

For an extra boost, mix 2.5ml of Problem Solver per liter of water and spray it on the leaves during the night or when the plant is not in direct sunlight.

🚫 Caution:

Avoid using Problem Solver with products that kill bacteria, such as hydrogen peroxide.

All plants require proper nutrition to thrive. Most houseplants need essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). As they gradually deplete the soil’s nutrients, consider repotting and caring for your soil.

🔑 Key Tips:

Always read the instructions carefully and avoid exceeding recommended dosages.
Thoroughly mix the solution with water before feeding, and unless stated, do not apply directly to the plant.
Maintain a regular feeding schedule and consider setting reminders.
In case of overfeeding, skip the next feeding.
By choosing Biobav Problem Solver, you’re replenishing and rejuvenating the essential components in the soil surrounding your plant, while providing your plant with the nutrients it craves. Remember to adhere to the recommended feeding guidelines on the bottle or box, as overfeeding can be just as harmful as underfeeding. Your plants and soil will thank you for it.



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How to use

Here are simple, step-by-step instructions on how to use BioBav Problem Solver for your plants:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

BioBav Problem Solver
A clean container
Measuring spoon (if available)

Step 2: Mixing Solution

For regular plant care, use 2.5 milliliters (ml) of BioBav Problem Solver for every liter of water.
If your plant has flowers or fruits, use 5ml per liter of water.
Measure the right amount using a measuring spoon or container with markings.

Step 3: Stir It Up

Pour the measured BioBav Problem Solver into the clean container.
Add the corresponding amount of water to the container.

Step 4: Mix Thoroughly

Stir the solution well to make sure the BioBav Problem Solver is completely mixed with the water.

Step 5: Ready for Feeding

Your plant food is now ready! You’ve made a special treat for your plant.

Step 6: Water Your Plant

Gently pour the mixed solution onto the soil around the base of your plant. Be careful not to splash it on the leaves.

Step 7: Be Consistent

Do this once a week to keep your plant healthy and happy.

Bonus Step: Special Treatment

If your plant has yellow leaves, isn’t growing well, or the soil seems old, use 5ml of BioBav Problem Solver per liter of water.
Continue this treatment once a week until your plant is back to its best.

Extra Tip: Leaf Spray

For an extra boost, mix 2.5ml of BioBav Problem Solver per liter of water and gently spray it on your plant’s leaves. Do this when it’s dark outside or when your plant isn’t in direct sunlight.

Important Reminder:

Avoid using BioBav Problem Solver with products that kill bacteria, like hydrogen peroxide.
By following these easy steps, you’ll give your plants the care they need, helping them grow strong and healthy. It’s like making a special plant drink to keep them happy! Just remember, keep it simple and enjoy watching your plants thrive.


250ml, 1L, 5L


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