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Biobizz Bio-Heaven 5L is a premium, organic plant energy booster that enriches your plants with essential nutrients, enhancing their overall vitality and yield. This comprehensive enhancer is specially designed for organic gardening, offering a multitude of benefits to ensure your plants reach their full potential. Here are the key features that make Biobizz Bio-Heaven 5L an indispensable part of your gardening regimen:

  • Organic Composition: Crafted from purely organic sources, Bio-Heaven promotes sustainable gardening practices while ensuring your plants are free from synthetic chemicals.
  • Enhances Nutrient Uptake: The formula improves the uptake of nutrients by removing toxins, unlocking essential elements that support plant growth. This results in healthier, more resilient plants.
  • Boosts Energy Levels: Bio-Heaven increases the energy level of plants, encouraging vigorous growth, and enhancing the plant’s metabolic rate. This leads to quicker growth cycles and more abundant blooms.
  • Improves Yield Quality: By stimulating the plant’s cellular structure, Bio-Heaven ensures your fruits, vegetables, and flowers are of the highest quality, with improved taste, color, and aroma.
  • Stress Reducer: Plants often face stress from various sources such as transplanting, temperature fluctuations, or nutrient deficiencies. Bio-Heaven helps plants to overcome these stresses, ensuring steady growth.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use in all types of mediums – soil, coco, and hydroponic systems. This makes Bio-Heaven a flexible solution for various gardening setups.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to apply, Bio-Heaven can be used throughout the entire growth cycle, from seedling to harvest, making it a convenient addition to any feeding schedule.
  • Economical Size: The 5L volume is perfect for both small and large-scale gardeners, providing a cost-effective solution for enhancing plant health and productivity over an extended period.

Incorporating Biobizz Bio-Heaven 5L into your gardening routine ensures that your plants are more vigorous, healthier, and produce higher quality yields. This organic energy booster is the key to unlocking your garden’s true potential, leading to unparalleled growth and vitality.


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How to use

Welcome to the Ultimate Plant Elixir: Biobizz Bio-Heaven 5L is designed to enrich your plant care regimen with an organic blend of amino acids, essential nutrients, and protein-building blocks. This guide will help you unlock the full potential of Bio-Heaven for your plants.

Before You Begin:

  • Ensure your plants are actively growing, as Bio-Heaven is beneficial throughout the vegetative and flowering stages.

Mixing Instructions:

  • Dilute Bio-Heaven in water at a rate of 2-5ml per liter. Starting with the lower dosage is recommended to observe how your plants respond, gradually increasing based on their needs.

Application Methods:

  • Watering: Mix the diluted Bio-Heaven solution into your watering can and apply it directly to the soil. This method allows for deep root absorption, enhancing nutrient uptake.
  • Foliar Spray: For an immediate effect, especially in the early growth stages, spraying the solution directly onto the leaves can be beneficial.

Frequency of Use:

  • Apply Bio-Heaven with every watering during the entire growth cycle of your plants. Regular application ensures continuous enhancement of nutrient absorption and stress recovery.

Monitoring and Adjustments:

  • Keep an eye on your plants for signs of improved vitality and growth. Adjust the Bio-Heaven concentration as needed, especially if your plants are under stress or in peak flowering.

Complementary Use:

  • Bio-Heaven works synergistically with other Biobizz products. Incorporating it into a full Biobizz feeding schedule maximizes its benefits and supports overall plant health.

Storage Recommendations:

  • Store in a cool, dark place to preserve the quality of Bio-Heaven. Ensure the cap is tightly closed to avoid contamination.

Safety Measures:

  • While Bio-Heaven is made from natural ingredients, it’s important to handle it with care. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.


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