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Elevate your grow room with Contactor Board 16/18. Precision control for hydroponics. In stock at Hydroponic Centre, 24-48 hours delivery.

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Introducing the Contactor Board 16/18, a cutting-edge solution designed for efficient and versatile control in indoor horticulture. Explore the key features that make it an indispensable tool for optimizing your grow room:

Premium Power Distribution:

  • Manages power distribution to 16 individual outlets, providing precise control over connected devices.
  • Ideal for controlling lighting systems, fans, pumps, and other essential equipment.

18 Days Programmable Timer:

  • Integrated programmable timer for each outlet enables automated scheduling for up to 18 days.
  • Customize on/off cycles to match specific growth stages and environmental requirements.

Dual Contactor Design:

  • Dual contactors on each outlet for enhanced reliability and load management.
  • Ensures consistent and reliable performance, minimizing the risk of electrical faults.

Digital Display and Controls:

  • User-friendly digital display for easy monitoring and programming.
  • Intuitive controls allow growers to adjust settings with ease, facilitating efficient operation.

Remote Control Capability:

  • Compatible with remote control systems, offering the convenience of managing devices from a distance.
  • Perfect for larger grow rooms or facilities where accessibility is a priority.

Built-in Surge Protection:

  • Robust surge protection safeguards connected devices from voltage spikes.
  • Enhances the longevity of both the Contactor Board and the connected equipment.

Versatile Hanging System:

  • Adjustable hanging system accommodates various grow room configurations.
  • Facilitates optimal placement for efficient cable management and accessibility.

Compact and Durable Construction:

  • Space-saving design with durable construction suitable for demanding grow room environments.
  • Built to withstand continuous use and provide consistent performance.

Easy Installation:

  • Simplified installation process with clear instructions.
  • Minimizes setup time, allowing growers to focus on cultivating their plants.

Compliance with Standards:

  • Meets industry standards and regulations, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Suitable for use in compliance with wiring codes and regulations for peace of mind.

Smart Controller Compatibility:

  • Compatible with smart control systems for advanced automation and remote monitoring.
  • Enhances overall efficiency and control in modern indoor horticulture setups.

Multiple Applications:

  • Versatile applications in hydroponic systems, greenhouse automation, and industrial-scale indoor cultivation.
  • Adaptable to various scenarios, offering a comprehensive solution for different environments.

Secure and Reliable Connectivity:

  • Secure and dependable connections to minimize the risk of electrical faults.
  • Consistent and reliable performance for a wide range of electrical applications.

Upgrade your grow room control system with the Contactor Board 16/18, a feature-rich solution that combines precision, reliability, and versatility.


1 box of Contactor Board 16/18

How to use

1. Unboxing and Inspection:

  • Carefully unpack the Contactor Board 16/18 and ensure all components are present and undamaged.
  • Familiarize yourself with the included user manual for reference.

2. Mounting and Placement:

  • Choose an optimal location for mounting the Contactor Board, considering accessibility and cable management.
  • Utilize the adjustable hanging system to position the board at the recommended height for efficient operation.

3. Wiring:

  • Before starting, ensure power is turned off to prevent accidents.
  • Follow the labeled terminals on the board to connect devices, ensuring correct wiring for your specific setup.

4. Programming the Timer:

  • Access the digital display and controls to program the timer for each outlet.
  • Customize on/off cycles based on the specific needs of your plants, adjusting for different growth stages.

5. Remote Control Integration (Optional):

  • If using a remote control system, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to integrate it with the Contactor Board.
  • Enjoy the convenience of remote operation, especially in larger grow rooms.

6. Monitoring:

  • Regularly monitor the digital display for real-time information on the timer and power distribution.
  • Utilize the display to check the status of individual outlets and ensure they are operating as programmed.

7. Surge Protection:

  • Understand the built-in surge protection feature and its importance in safeguarding connected devices.
  • Ensure a stable electrical environment for both the Contactor Board and the equipment it controls.

8. Smart Controller Compatibility:

  • If using a smart control system, explore compatibility options and integrate it for enhanced automation.
  • Enjoy the benefits of remote monitoring and advanced control features.

9. Troubleshooting:

  • Refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips in case of any issues.
  • If problems persist, contact customer support for assistance to ensure a quick resolution.

10. Regular Maintenance:

  • Periodically inspect the Contactor Board for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Address any issues promptly to maintain reliable and efficient performance.


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Contactor Board 16/18