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Upgrade your grow room’s climate control with the DimLux Aux Box, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance precision and efficiency. Here are the key features that set the DimLux Aux Box apart:

Key Features:

  • Temperature and Humidity Control:
    • Maintain the perfect climate with precise control over temperature and humidity levels.
  • CO2 Monitoring and Regulation:
    • Ensure optimal CO2 levels for enhanced plant growth with built-in monitoring and regulation capabilities.
  • External Climate Sensors:
    • Connect external sensors for accurate readings, allowing the Aux Box to adapt to changing environmental conditions.
  • Multi-Functionality:
    • Serve multiple purposes in your grow room, acting as a central hub for various environmental control functions.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
    • Intuitive interface for easy programming and real-time monitoring, providing ultimate user convenience.
  • Automated Climate Adjustments:
    • Enjoy hands-free operation as the Aux Box automatically adjusts climate settings based on sensor feedback.
  • Data Logging and Analysis:
    • Log and analyze environmental data over time, gaining insights for fine-tuning your cultivation parameters.
  • Alarm System:
    • Receive instant alerts for critical deviations from set parameters, ensuring timely intervention.
  • Integrated Light Control:
    • Seamlessly integrate with your lighting system for synchronized environmental and light management.
  • Remote Control Capability:
    • Control and monitor your grow room environment remotely, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • High-Quality Construction:
    • Durable and reliable build ensures long-term performance, even in demanding cultivation environments.

Elevate your cultivation experience with the DimLux Aux Box. Experience unparalleled control and efficiency for a thriving grow room.


1 box of DimLux Aux Box

How to use

1. Unpacking and Inspection:

  • Carefully unpack the DimLux Aux Box and inspect for any shipping damages. Ensure all components are present.

2. Placement:

  • Choose a central location in your grow room for optimal sensor readings. Keep it away from direct contact with water or other potential hazards.

3. Sensor Connection:

  • Connect external climate sensors to the designated ports on the Aux Box for accurate environmental readings. Ensure proper placement for temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensors.

4. Power Connection:

  • Connect the Aux Box to a stable power source using the provided power cable. Ensure a reliable power supply for continuous operation.

5. Interface Setup:

  • Navigate the user-friendly interface to set your desired temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. Adjust other parameters as needed for your specific crop requirements.

6. Light Integration:

  • Connect your lighting system to the Aux Box for synchronized control. The Aux Box ensures optimal environmental conditions coincide with your lighting schedule.

7. Automation Settings:

  • Explore the automation features of the Aux Box. Set up automated adjustments based on sensor readings to maintain a stable and ideal environment.

8. Remote Control Setup:

  • If desired, set up remote control capabilities. Access the Aux Box remotely for monitoring and adjustments using the provided controls or compatible apps.

9. Data Logging and Analysis:

  • Take advantage of the data logging feature. Monitor trends over time and make informed decisions for optimizing your cultivation parameters.

10. Alarm System Configuration:

  • Configure the alarm system to receive instant notifications in case of critical deviations. This ensures timely intervention to protect your plants.

11. Routine Maintenance:

  • Periodically check the Aux Box for dust or debris. Keep the sensors clean for accurate readings. Replace any worn-out components as needed.

12. Enjoy Optimal Control:

  • With the DimLux Aux Box in operation, enjoy hands-free, precise control over your grow room environment. Maximize the potential of your crops with this advanced climate control solution.


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DimLux Aux Box