Elite Lighting 630W Full Fixture


Elevate your harvest with Elite Lighting 630W Full Fixture. Perfect for hydroponics. In stock at Hydroponic Centre, 24-48 hours delivery.

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Introducing the Elite Lighting 630W Full Fixture, a powerhouse in indoor horticulture lighting. Revolutionize your grow space with this cutting-edge lighting solution, featuring key features that set it apart:

High-Intensity Output:

  • A potent 630 watts deliver ample light intensity for robust plant growth.
  • Ideal for a variety of crops, from seedlings to flowering plants.

Dual-Lamp Design:

  • Unique dual-lamp configuration ensures broad and even light distribution.
  • Maximizes canopy coverage, promoting uniform development across your plants.

Adjustable Spectrum Control:

  • Tailor the spectrum to meet specific growth stages with adjustable color temperature settings.
  • From vegetative to flowering, provide the optimal light conditions for your plants.

Efficient Ballast Technology:

  • Cutting-edge ballast technology ensures efficient energy conversion.
  • Operates cool, reducing the need for additional cooling systems.

Full Fixture Integration:

  • All-in-one design eliminates the need for separate components.
  • Simplifies installation and ensures a cohesive and efficient lighting system.

Versatile Hanging Options:

  • Adjustable hanging system accommodates various grow room configurations.
  • Adapt the light fixture to suit the specific layout and height requirements of your space.

Remote Dimming Capability:

  • Remote dimming feature enables precise control over light intensity.
  • Fine-tune brightness levels to cater to the unique needs of different plants.

Optimized Light Spectrum:

  • Mimics natural sunlight with a balanced spectrum rich in essential wavelengths.
  • Enhances photosynthesis, resulting in healthier and more productive plants.

Cool Running Temperature:

  • Advanced cooling technology maintains a low operating temperature.
  • Creates a comfortable environment for your plants while extending the lifespan of the fixture.

Plug-and-Play Convenience:

  • Ready for use with a simple plug-and-play setup.
  • Suitable for both novice growers and seasoned horticulturists.

Durable Construction:

  • Robust build ensures longevity and resilience in demanding grow room environments.
  • Built to withstand continuous operation for consistent performance.

Smart Controller Compatibility:

  • Compatible with smart controllers for advanced automation and remote monitoring.
  • Stay in control of your grow room environment with intelligent technology.

Elevate your indoor cultivation with the Elite Lighting 630W Full Fixture, a comprehensive lighting solution that combines power, efficiency, and versatility.


1 box of your chosen Elite Lighting 630W Full Fixture model

How to use

1. Unboxing and Inspection:

  • Carefully unpack the Elite Lighting 630W Full Fixture and inspect all components for any shipping damage.
  • Ensure all parts, including the ballast, lamps, and hanging hardware, are present and in good condition.

2. Fixture Placement:

  • Choose an optimal location for hanging the fixture, considering the size and layout of your grow space.
  • Utilize the adjustable hanging system to position the fixture at the recommended height above your plants.

3. Power Connection:

  • Connect the power cord to the fixture and plug it into a suitable electrical outlet.
  • Ensure all connections are secure before turning on the fixture.

4. Spectrum Adjustment:

  • Familiarize yourself with the adjustable color temperature settings to tailor the spectrum to your plants’ growth stage.
  • Adjust the spectrum accordingly for vegetative and flowering phases.

5. Remote Dimming:

  • If using the remote dimming feature, follow the instructions to adjust light intensity.
  • Fine-tune brightness levels to meet the specific light requirements of different crops.

6. Smart Controller Integration (Optional):

  • If you have a smart controller, explore compatibility and integrate it for advanced automation.
  • Monitor and control the lighting system remotely for convenience.

7. Hanging Height Adjustment:

  • Adjust the hanging height based on the growth stage and light intensity requirements of your plants.
  • Refer to the user manual for recommended hanging distances.

8. Cooling System Monitoring:

  • Monitor the fixture’s operating temperature to ensure efficient cooling.
  • Ensure that the cooling system is functioning optimally for consistent performance.

9. Photosynthesis Optimization:

  • Leverage the balanced spectrum to optimize photosynthesis and enhance plant growth.
  • Observe your plants’ response to the light and make adjustments as needed.

10. Regular Maintenance:

  • Periodically inspect the fixture for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Clean the lamps and reflectors to maintain optimal light output.

11. Troubleshooting and Assistance:

  • Refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips in case of any issues.
  • Reach out to customer support for assistance if problems persist.

Without bulb, With 2 x 315W CDM 3000K, With 2 x 315W CDM 4000K


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Elite Lighting 630W Full Fixture