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Introducing the GREEN MAN 8 COMBI SYSTEM- 8 POT – an innovative and versatile solution designed to revolutionize your gardening experience. This all-in-one hydroponic system is equipped with cutting-edge features to ensure optimal plant growth and maximum yields. Take your cultivation to the next level with the GREEN MAN 8 Combi System!

Key Features:

  • 8-Pot Configuration: The system comes with eight pots, providing ample space for a variety of plants. Whether you’re cultivating herbs, flowers, or vegetables, the GREEN MAN 8 Combi System has you covered.
  • Modular Design: The modular layout allows for easy customization and expansion. You can adapt the system to suit your specific needs, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced growers.
  • Hydroponic Technology: Say goodbye to traditional soil-based cultivation. The GREEN MAN 8 Combi System utilizes hydroponic technology, ensuring a nutrient-rich environment for your plants. This promotes faster growth, increased yields, and healthier crops.
  • Integrated Irrigation System: Effortlessly maintain optimal moisture levels with the built-in irrigation system. Each pot receives a precisely measured amount of water and nutrients, reducing the risk of overwatering or underwatering.
  • Energy-Efficient LED Grow Lights: The system is equipped with energy-efficient LED grow lights, providing the perfect spectrum for photosynthesis. These lights promote robust plant development from seedling to harvest while minimizing energy consumption.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel: Take control of your cultivation environment with the user-friendly control panel. Adjust lighting schedules, nutrient levels, and irrigation settings with ease, giving you complete command over your plant’s growth.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the GREEN MAN 8 Combi System is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and durability, providing a reliable platform for your gardening endeavors.
  • Space-Saving Design: Designed with efficiency in mind, this system maximizes space utilization. Perfect for both indoor and greenhouse settings, it allows you to make the most of your available growing space.
  • Complete Starter Kit: The GREEN MAN 8 Combi System comes as a complete starter kit, including all the necessary components for a hassle-free setup. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gardener, you can start cultivating your plants right away.

Elevate your gardening experience with the GREEN MAN 8 Combi System – the ultimate choice for growers seeking efficiency, productivity, and ease of use. Grow smarter, grow greener!



How to use

1. Unboxing and Inspection:

  • Carefully unpack all components and inspect them for any damage during transportation.
  • Ensure that all parts, including pots, irrigation system, LED lights, control panel, and connectors, are present.

2. Assembly:

  • Follow the detailed assembly instructions provided in the user manual.
  • Assemble the frame, attach the pots, connect the irrigation system, and mount the LED grow lights securely.

3. Placement:

  • Choose a suitable location for your GREEN MAN 8 Combi System. Ensure access to power outlets and consider factors like temperature, humidity, and ventilation.
  • For indoor setups, position the system near a power source and in an area with proper ventilation.

4. Nutrient Solution Preparation:

  • Follow the recommended nutrient solution ratios provided in the user manual.
  • Mix the solution thoroughly and fill the reservoir, ensuring it reaches all pots evenly.

5. Planting:

  • Plant your chosen seeds or seedlings into the pots.
  • Adjust the spacing according to the specific requirements of each plant.

6. Setting Up the Control Panel:

  • Familiarize yourself with the control panel functions outlined in the user manual.
  • Set the lighting schedule, nutrient levels, and irrigation intervals based on your plant’s growth stage.

7. Monitoring:

  • Regularly check the nutrient levels, ensuring that the reservoir is adequately filled.
  • Monitor plant growth and adjust the lighting and nutrient settings as needed.

8. Maintenance:

  • Clean the system periodically to prevent clogs in the irrigation system.
  • Inspect the LED lights for any dust or debris, and clean if necessary.
  • Check for any signs of wear and tear and replace components as needed.

9. Troubleshooting:

  • Refer to the troubleshooting section in the user manual for common issues and solutions.
  • Reach out to our customer support if you encounter any challenges not covered in the manual.

10. Harvesting:

  • Harvest your plants when they reach maturity, following the specific guidelines for each crop.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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