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Elevate your indoor gardening experience with the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit. This comprehensive kit includes essential components designed to optimize plant growth and ensure efficient cultivation in indoor environments. Featuring advanced electronic fixtures and accessories, the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit offers convenience, reliability, and professional-grade performance for growers of all levels.

Key Features:

  • Electronic Ballast: The kit includes a high-quality electronic ballast, providing stable power output for HID lamps, ensuring consistent light intensity and optimal plant growth.
  • Reflector: The included reflector features a highly reflective surface, maximizing light distribution and intensity, promoting uniform growth across your plants.
  • HID Lamp: This kit comes with a high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp, renowned for its ability to deliver intense light spectrum suitable for both vegetative and flowering stages, fostering robust growth and abundant yields.
  • Timer: A reliable timer is included, allowing growers to automate the lighting schedule, ensuring plants receive the right amount of light at the appropriate times for their growth stage.
  • Power Cord: The kit is equipped with a durable power cord, providing secure and stable electrical connectivity, enhancing safety and reliability during operation.
  • Plug-and-Play Setup: Designed for ease of use, the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit offers a plug-and-play setup, allowing growers to quickly assemble and install the components without the need for complex wiring or setup procedures.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various indoor gardening setups, including grow tents, grow rooms, and hydroponic systems, offering flexibility and adaptability to different cultivation environments.
  • Professional-Grade Performance: Trusted by growers worldwide for its reliability, efficiency, and consistent performance, the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit delivers professional-grade results, ensuring healthy, vigorous plant growth and impressive yields.
  • Enhanced Plant Development: By providing the ideal light spectrum, intensity, and duration, the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit promotes photosynthesis, nutrient absorption, and overall plant development, resulting in lush, vibrant foliage and bountiful harvests.

Experience the next level of indoor gardening with the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting, this comprehensive kit offers everything you need to create an optimal growing environment and achieve exceptional results.


1 box of LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit:

How to use
  1. Setup:
    • Unpack and assemble the components of the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit.
    • Ensure the electronic ballast, reflector, HID lamp, timer, and power cord are securely connected and positioned according to your indoor gardening setup.
  2. Mounting:
    • Hang the reflector securely above your plants, ensuring proper height and distance for optimal light coverage.
    • Ensure the reflector is positioned parallel to the plant canopy for even light distribution.
  3. Electrical Connection:
    • Connect the power cord of the electronic ballast to a suitable power outlet.
    • Verify that all electrical connections are secure and free from damage or defects.
  4. Timer Setup:
    • Set the timer according to your desired lighting schedule, considering the specific requirements of your plants’ growth stage (e.g., vegetative or flowering).
    • Ensure the timer is programmed to turn the lights on and off at the appropriate intervals, maintaining consistent light cycles for optimal plant growth.
  5. Power On:
    • Turn on the electronic ballast to power the HID lamp.
    • Verify that the lamp ignites properly and emits a steady, consistent light.
  6. Monitoring:
    • Regularly monitor the temperature and humidity levels within your indoor gardening environment to ensure optimal growing conditions.
    • Check for any signs of stress or deficiency in your plants and adjust the lighting schedule or intensity if necessary.
  7. Maintenance:
    • Periodically inspect the components of the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit for any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction.
    • Clean the reflector and lamp surface to remove dust and debris, ensuring maximum light output and efficiency.
  8. Safety Precautions:
    • Follow all safety guidelines and precautions provided by the manufacturer to prevent electrical hazards or accidents.
    • Avoid touching the HID lamp or reflector while they are in operation to prevent burns or injuries.
  9. Enjoy the Results:
    • With the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit properly set up and maintained, enjoy the benefits of robust plant growth, healthy foliage, and impressive yields.
    • Experiment with different lighting schedules and intensity levels to optimize the performance of your indoor garden and achieve the best possible results.
  10. Troubleshooting:
  • In case of any issues or concerns with the LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit, refer to the user manual or contact Hydroponic Centre’s customer support for assistance and troubleshooting guidance.


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LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit