LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit 600W


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The LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit 600W revolutionizes indoor gardening by providing a versatile and efficient lighting solution. Designed for ease of installation and use, this magnetic kit offers convenience and reliability for growers of all levels. With its innovative features and high-quality components, the LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit ensures optimal plant growth and exceptional results.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Ballast: The kit includes a magnetic ballast, offering stable power output for HID lamps, ensuring consistent light intensity and optimal plant growth.
  • Reflector: Equipped with a reflective surface, the reflector maximizes light distribution and intensity, promoting uniform growth and development across plants.
  • HID Lamp: This kit features a high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp, renowned for delivering intense light spectrum suitable for both vegetative and flowering stages, fostering robust growth and abundant yields.
  • Easy Installation: The magnetic ballast attaches easily to any magnetic surface, simplifying setup and allowing for quick adjustments as needed.
  • Plug-and-Play Design: Designed for hassle-free installation, the LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit offers a plug-and-play design, minimizing setup time and effort.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various indoor gardening setups, including grow tents, grow rooms, and hydroponic systems, offering flexibility and adaptability to different cultivation environments.
  • Professional-Grade Performance: Trusted by growers worldwide for its reliability, efficiency, and consistent performance, the LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit delivers professional-grade results, ensuring healthy, vigorous plant growth and impressive yields.
  • Enhanced Plant Development: By providing the ideal light spectrum, intensity, and duration, the LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit promotes photosynthesis, nutrient absorption, and overall plant development, resulting in lush, vibrant foliage and bountiful harvests.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit for your indoor gardening needs. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced grower, this innovative lighting solution offers the tools you need to achieve exceptional results.


1 box of LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit 600W

How to use
  1. Unbox Components:
    • Carefully unpack all components included in the LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit.
  2. Assemble Magnetic Ballast:
    • Attach the magnetic ballast securely to a stable surface using the provided mounting hardware.
  3. Install Reflector:
    • Hang the reflector above your plants at an appropriate height, ensuring uniform light distribution.
  4. Connect Power Cord:
    • Plug the power cord of the magnetic ballast into a suitable power outlet.
  5. Insert HID Lamp:
    • Carefully insert the HID lamp into the reflector, ensuring it is securely seated.
  6. Set Timer (if included):
    • If your kit includes a timer, program it according to your plants’ growth stage and lighting requirements.
  7. Power On:
    • Switch on the magnetic ballast to power the HID lamp.
  8. Monitor Operation:
    • Regularly check the operation of the magnetic ballast and HID lamp to ensure proper functionality.
  9. Adjust Lighting Schedule (if necessary):
    • If needed, adjust the timer settings to maintain consistent light cycles for your plants.
  10. Maintenance:
  • Periodically inspect components for wear, damage, or malfunction.
  • Clean the reflector and lamp surface to remove dust and debris, optimizing light output.
  1. Safety Precautions:
  • Follow all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid touching the lamp while in operation to prevent burns or injuries.
  1. Enjoy Your Garden:
  • With the LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit properly installed, enjoy healthy plant growth and impressive yields.
  1. Troubleshooting:
  • If encountering any issues, refer to the user manual or contact Hydroponic Centre’s customer support for assistance and troubleshooting guidance.


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LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit 600W