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Elevate your wiring projects with Meter Tails Wiring Cable – flexible installation. Available at Hydroponic Centre, 24-48 hours delivery, in stock.

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Introducing the Meter Tails Wiring Cable, a reliable solution for efficient electrical installations. Elevate your wiring projects with this high-quality cable designed to meet industry standards. Explore the key features that set it apart:

Premium Conductivity:

  • Copper conductors ensure optimal electrical conductivity for a reliable and stable power supply.
  • Suitable for various applications, from residential to commercial projects.

Durable Insulation:

  • Tough PVC insulation provides protection against wear, abrasion, and environmental factors.
  • Enhances the cable’s lifespan, ensuring long-lasting performance in diverse conditions.

Flexibility for Easy Installation:

  • Flexible design simplifies installation in tight spaces and intricate wiring setups.
  • Easily maneuver the cable around corners and obstacles without compromising performance.

Compliance with Standards:

  • Meets industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing safety and reliability.
  • Suitable for use in compliance with wiring codes and regulations for peace of mind.

Versatile Applications:

  • Ideal for meter tails, connecting electrical meters to the main distribution board.
  • Suitable for various wiring projects, including lighting, appliances, and power distribution.

Multiple Length Options:

  • Available in various lengths to accommodate diverse project requirements.
  • Minimizes waste and allows for customized installations without unnecessary excess.

Robust and Resilient:

  • Robust construction ensures durability, withstanding the rigors of installation and ongoing use.
  • Resilient against environmental factors, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Easy Identification:

  • Color-coded insulation for easy identification of conductors.
  • Facilitates efficient and error-free installations, reducing the risk of wiring mistakes.

Reliable Connectivity:

  • Secure and dependable connections, minimizing the risk of electrical faults.
  • Consistent and reliable performance for a wide range of electrical applications.

Upgrade your wiring projects with the Meter Tails Wiring Cable, a versatile and dependable solution that combines durability, flexibility, and compliance with industry standards.


1 box of your chosen Meter Tails Wiring Cable model

How to use

1. Planning:

  • Determine the length of cable needed for your project.
  • Identify the appropriate color-coded conductors for your wiring requirements.

2. Safety First:

  • Ensure power is turned off before handling the cable.
  • Use appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and goggles, during installation.

3. Installation:

  • Unroll the Meter Tails Wiring Cable and inspect for any visible damage.
  • Route the cable through conduits or secure it in place using clips as needed.
  • Connect one end to the electrical meter and the other to the distribution board.

4. Flexibility Advantage:

  • Take advantage of the cable’s flexibility to navigate corners and obstacles.
  • Ensure the cable is not tightly bent, maintaining its optimal performance.

5. Color-Coded Identification:

  • Refer to the color-coded insulation for easy identification of conductors.
  • Match the colors to the corresponding terminals for error-free connections.

6. Compliance Check:

  • Verify that your installation complies with local wiring codes and regulations.
  • Seek professional advice if unsure about specific requirements.

7. Versatility:

  • Explore other applications for the Meter Tails Wiring Cable, such as lighting or appliance installations.
  • Cut the cable to the desired length for each application to minimize waste.

8. Ongoing Maintenance:

  • Periodically inspect the cable for wear, damage, or signs of aging.
  • Replace any damaged sections promptly to maintain a reliable electrical system.

9. Professional Assistance:

  • If you’re uncertain or face complex wiring scenarios, consult with a professional electrician.
  • Professional guidance ensures safety and compliance with electrical standards.

10. Quick Delivery Options:

  • Purchase Meter Tails Wiring Cable from reputable suppliers for quality assurance.
  • Take advantage of quick delivery options, ensuring timely arrival for your project.

25 Meters -25 MM, 50 Meters – 10 MM, 50 Meters – 25 MM


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Meter Tails Wiring Cable