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Introducing the DimLux Maxi Controller, a sophisticated lighting management system designed to empower growers with precise control over their indoor cultivation environment. Explore the key features that make this controller an essential tool for optimizing your grow:

Centralized Lighting Control:

  • The DimLux Maxi Controller serves as the central hub for managing multiple DimLux fixtures, providing seamless integration and control.

Customizable Light Schedules:

  • Create and customize light schedules tailored to specific plant growth stages, optimizing conditions for seedlings, vegetative growth, and flowering.

Sunrise and Sunset Simulation:

  • Enjoy the benefits of sunrise and sunset simulation, mimicking natural light transitions for gradual changes that minimize stress on plants.

Temperature and Humidity Management:

  • Monitor and control environmental factors with integrated sensors, allowing growers to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels for plant health.

Safety Features:

  • The controller includes safety features such as temperature and humidity set-point protection, preventing extreme conditions that could harm plants.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Navigate the user-friendly interface with ease, enabling growers of all experience levels to program and adjust settings effortlessly.

Remote Access and Monitoring:

  • Access and monitor your grow room remotely through the DimLux Cloud, providing real-time insights and control via a web browser or mobile app.

Data Logging and Analysis:

  • Utilize data logging capabilities to track environmental conditions and lighting parameters over time, enabling informed decision-making for future optimizations.

Compatible with DimLux Fixtures:

  • The Maxi Controller is designed specifically for compatibility with DimLux fixtures, ensuring seamless communication and precise control.

Auto-Dimming Feature:

  • Benefit from the auto-dimming feature, which adjusts light intensity dynamically based on real-time sensor readings, optimizing energy efficiency.

Integrated Gas Dosage Control (Optional):

  • For advanced cultivation, integrate gas dosage control, allowing precise management of CO2 levels for enhanced plant growth during the photosynthetic process.

Proven Performance:

  • Backed by positive reviews and a track record of success, the DimLux Maxi Controller is trusted by growers worldwide for its reliability and performance.

Empower your indoor garden with the DimLux Maxi Controller, offering unparalleled control and optimization.


1 box of DimLux Maxi Controller

How to use

1. Unboxing and Inspection:

  • Carefully unbox the DimLux Maxi Controller and inspect all components.
  • Ensure that the controller, sensors, and any included accessories are present and in good condition.

2. Controller Placement:

  • Choose a central location within your grow room to place the DimLux Maxi Controller.
  • Ensure it is easily accessible for monitoring and adjustments.

3. Sensor Placement:

  • Install the temperature and humidity sensors in strategic locations within your grow space for accurate environmental monitoring.

4. Connecting to DimLux Fixtures:

  • Connect the DimLux Maxi Controller to your DimLux fixtures using the provided cables.
  • Ensure a secure and stable connection for effective communication.

5. Powering On:

  • Power on the DimLux Maxi Controller and follow the on-screen prompts to set up basic preferences such as language and unit measurements.

6. Creating Light Schedules:

  • Navigate the user-friendly interface to create customized light schedules for different growth stages.
  • Program ON/OFF times and adjust light intensity as needed.

7. Sunrise and Sunset Simulation:

  • Take advantage of the sunrise and sunset simulation feature to mimic natural light transitions, reducing stress on plants during light changes.

8. Monitoring Temperature and Humidity:

  • Monitor temperature and humidity levels on the controller display.
  • Set desired set points to maintain optimal conditions for plant health.

9. Remote Access via DimLux Cloud:

  • Enable remote access to your DimLux Maxi Controller by connecting it to the DimLux Cloud.
  • Access real-time data and make adjustments remotely via a web browser or mobile app.

10. Auto-Dimming Feature:

  • Utilize the auto-dimming feature for dynamic light intensity adjustments based on real-time sensor readings, optimizing energy efficiency.

11. Gas Dosage Control (Optional):

  • If applicable, integrate gas dosage control for precise management of CO2 levels to enhance photosynthetic processes.

12. Data Logging and Analysis:

  • Review data logs to track environmental conditions and lighting parameters over time.
  • Use the data for analysis and informed decision-making.

13. Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues.
  • Contact customer support for assistance if problems persist.

14. Regular Maintenance:

  • Periodically check the controller and sensors for dust or debris.
  • Clean the components to maintain optimal performance.


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DimLux Maxi Controller