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Introducing DimLux Xtreme LEDs, a cutting-edge lighting solution for superior indoor cultivation. Explore the key features in bulletpoints:

Key Features:

  • Full Spectrum Control:
    • Customize light spectra for various growth stages, promoting optimal plant development.
  • High-Intensity Output:
    • Powerful LEDs deliver intense and uniform light coverage for deep canopy penetration.
  • Dimmable Functionality:
    • Fine-tune light intensity based on plant requirements, providing flexibility during growth phases.
  • Advanced Cooling System:
    • Efficient heat dissipation with a robust cooling system ensures a stable and controlled environment.
  • Remote Control Capability:
    • Convenient remote control allows easy adjustments without disrupting the cultivation space.
  • Sunrise/Sunset Simulation:
    • Replicate natural light transitions for a smoother and more natural growth cycle.
  • Daisy Chain Compatibility:
    • Streamlined installation and operation with daisy chain compatibility for multiple units.
  • Energy-Efficient Design:
    • Energy-saving features contribute to sustainability while maintaining high-performance standards.
  • Silent Operation:
    • Operates silently, creating a quiet and stress-free environment for both plants and growers.
  • Versatile Mounting Options:
    • Flexible mounting options cater to various grow room configurations and layouts.
  • Remote Monitoring (if applicable):
    • Real-time environmental tracking with remote monitoring capabilities for enhanced cultivation control.
  • Premium Build Quality:
    • Sturdy construction and premium materials ensure durability and longevity.
  • Proven DimLux Reliability:
    • Backed by DimLux’s reputation for reliability, providing growers with a trusted lighting solution.

Elevate your cultivation experience with DimLux Xtreme LEDs, designed to meet the demands of discerning growers.


1 box of Dimlux Xtreme LEDs

How to use

1. Unboxing and Inspection:

  • Carefully unbox the DimLux Xtreme LED and inspect all components to ensure everything is present and in good condition.

2. Mounting and Placement:

  • Choose an optimal location in your grow room for mounting the DimLux Xtreme LED.
  • Utilize the versatile mounting options provided for easy installation.

3. Power Connection:

  • Connect the DimLux Xtreme LED to a stable power source using the included power cord.
  • Confirm that the power switch is in the off position before plugging in.

4. Dimmable Control:

  • Adjust the light intensity based on the specific growth stage of your plants.
  • Utilize the built-in dimmer or remote control for easy control without the need for additional accessories.

5. Spectrum Customization:

  • Explore the full spectrum control feature to tailor the light spectrum to different growth phases.
  • Observe how plants respond and adjust as needed.

6. Sunrise/Sunset Simulation:

  • Enhance your plants’ natural growth cycle by using the sunrise/sunset simulation feature.
  • Create smoother transitions between light cycles.

7. Daisy Chain Functionality:

  • If using multiple units, take advantage of the daisy chain functionality for streamlined and organized setup.
  • Ensure proper connectivity for synchronized operation.

8. Remote Control (if applicable):

  • If your DimLux Xtreme LED comes with a remote control, familiarize yourself with its functions.
  • Use the remote for convenient adjustments from a distance.

9. Monitoring and Adjustment:

  • Regularly monitor the performance of the DimLux Xtreme LED.
  • Adjust the light intensity and spectrum as needed based on the growth progress and environmental conditions.

10. Cooling and Ventilation:

  • Allow the advanced cooling system to efficiently dissipate heat.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in your grow room to maintain an optimal temperature.

11. Silent Operation:

  • Appreciate the silent operation of the DimLux Xtreme LED, providing a peaceful cultivation environment.

12. Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues.
  • Contact customer support for assistance if problems persist.

500W, 500W Plus NIR, 750W, 750W Plus NIR, 1000W, 1000W Plus NIR


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Dimlux Xtreme LEDs